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Tuition & Fees for 2015 Summer Semester will be a simple flat rate. It doesn't matter if you take 1 credit or 12, you'll pay the same per credit rate. As usual there is no additional cost for credits 13-18. Use the buttons below to view the current summer course listing.

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Use the calculator below to estimate your 2015 Summer Semester savings.

Estimated Summer Tuition & Fees - 282/credit*
Total $3,180
You Save $203

Also Coming

  • New 7- and 14-week terms available statewide:
    • 1st 7-week session: May 11-Jun 26
    • 2nd 7-week session: Jun 29-Aug 14
    • 14-week session: May 11-Aug 14
  • No classes before 8 am
  • No Friday classes in the 14-week session
  • More general education classes
  • Flexible course options available: classroom, online, & blended.

*Important Notes

  • Differential tuition will still exist for certain courses.
  • Savings are only available for in-state sections.
  • Savings only apply to undergraduate tuition & fees.
  • Remember some scholarships and financial aid have restrictions so see an academic or financial advisor if you have any questions.
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